When you buy a Ragdoll from a Registered Breeder you will get a registration slip when you get your kitten or soon after.  This registration slip from TICA, ACFA, or CFA is proof that your new ragdoll kitten is in fact a purebred ragdoll and his/her parents, grandparents, etc. are also purebred ragdolls.  Most breeders also give you a pedigree with your kitten so you can read all about their family tree and sometimes you can even see these ancestors on the internet.   Kittens should come with a health guarantee.  Kittens should be free of disease and internal and external parasites, this is included in our health guarantee.

Why do purebred ragdolls cost more?  Registered breeders invest a lot of money in their breeding stock to make sure they produce kittens as close to the ragdoll standard and temperament that they are supposed to have.  Ragdolls should be laid back, gentle and affectionate.  Ragdolls should not be shy or scared.  Of course when you get a new kitten he/she may be a little shy at first, this is normal.  Raising kittens is a full time job for most breeders and take time and care to spend time with them daily to make sure they are very well socialized and cared for.  And don't forget the cats, they need attention and care too.  We make sure to get the best veterinary care and feed the best foods.  Some Registered breeders test their breeding cats to make sure they are not passing down any genetic diseases.  These tests are very expensive.  We register in the associations so that we get all the new information that is out there about our ragdolls, these associations charge a yearly fee.  Some of us show our ragdolls so we know they are meeting with the standard.  We don't get any money for showing our ragdolls, only ribbons and confirmation.  Each show costs at least $700 if we have to travel which is usually the case.  Also, most reg. breeders give a health guarantee with their kittens which means that if your kitten gets ill and passes away within a certain amount of time, usually two or three years or sometimes longer, the breeder will replace the kitten.

Remember, ragdoll kittens should not be placed into new homes until they are at least 12 weeks of age.  They are slow to develop, not like regular domestic cats.  It is cruel to take them away from their Mother before that if it is not necessary.  Most are still suckling a little at 12 weeks just for comfort.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.   If I have not kittens available I will be happy to refer you to another reputable breeder.