T.I.C.A. Champion
Soulmates Genji of Palace Dolls
Genji's Titles:

Seal Point Ragdoll of the year 1999
Region Northwest Best Seal Point Ragdoll 1999

Genji is an outstanding example of the Ragdoll breed and is in our breeding program. 
This photo reflects the true colour of his eyes, they are a nice sapphire blue and the photo has not been altered in any way. 

Thank you to Lora from Soulmates for producing this lovely boy
and to Fay from Chatandolls for entrusting us with him and letting us have him !
On Thursday, the 26th of October/2000, we picked up our Genji from the airport.  He had a good flight.  He was a little shy at first but he was very affectionate, purring and kneading on his blanket.  Genji is very sweet and loving, he rolls over so you can pet his belly and loves to be with people.  He is now two years old and we have welcomed him into our home and family.  He produces large kittens with wonderful dispositions.  He has the softest coat I've ever felt on a ragdoll, he's like a big warm teddy bear.  Genji is a real romantic who likes to love his females.  He licks her ears and touches noses.  He's a real ladies' man.
Just sitting on the bed looking cute for the picture.
"Where's the girls Mommy?"
Genji's side profile, he still has two years 'til he's fully grown.  He currently weighs in at a solid 14 lbs.

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Date of birth:  July 23, 1998