History of the Ragdoll
Ragdolls originated in the 1960's when a cat breeder by the name of Ann Baker, she crossed a white, Turkish Angora-type female with a male pointed Birman-type cat.  Their offspring were then crossed with a sable-colored Burmese-type cat.  They are called Ragdolls because of their ability to go limp when held.  They are called the "dog" of cats because they can retrieve small objects and tend to follow you...                                                                                              around like a puppy. 

Ragdolls should never go outside since they lack the instinct to defend themselves, (it's in our contract).  They are in our opinion, the purrrr-fect pet.

**The Ragdoll holds the record in the "Guiness Book of World Records" as the world's largest domestic cat, yet their nature is so mild that the Ragdoll is often called the Gentle Giant.  They're like big cuddly teddy bears.

Breed Standards:
Head: Large, broad equilateral triangle with a straight nose and strong chin.
Eyes:  Large, vivid blue ovals, set wide and moderately flared.
Ears:  Medium-size, set wide and moderately flared.
Body:  Large and long, broad and solid.  Legs are moderately long. 
Paws:  Large, round and feather-tufted.
Coat:  Silky and moderately long, with the feel of rabbit fur, woolly undercoat.
Tail:    Long and with full plume.

Ragdolls are silly, gentle and most of all, loveable.

Our Ragdolls come in these patterns:

Bi-Color (shown here)
Mitted (white paws)
Colorpoint-color at the points

Ragdolls come in these traditional colors: 


Non-Traditional Colors:

Seal Tortie       
Blue Cream
Ragdoll males average in weight from 15-20 lbs., and females 10-13 lbs. Despite having long fur, the Ragdoll is no high-maintenance cat.  For long hair cats, they shed very little and their fur rarely mats, so you just need to brush them once a week to circulate the oils and make them look beautiful.

Ragdolls can take up to 4 year to reach their full maturity in size and color,  all ragdolls have blue eyes.
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